70-533: Implementing MS Azure Infrastructure Solutions

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70-533: Implementing MS Azure Infrastructure Solutions

April 25, 2018 Azure 0

So as promised to some of you, I have finally got 2 mins to write down this short procedural document on “how to crack 70-533 Exam in 4 weeks”. Depending upon your expertise within Azure you will want to adjust yourselves accordingly.

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First thing first book your exam (yeah you heard it correct), as this will make you focus/study in a discipline.

Study Materials:

1. Enrol for 70-533 Videos on Udemy
Scott’s videos are extremely helpful with precise and to the point module topics. This will undoudbtedly provide you with strong foundation. DO NOT waste money/energy in going for tutorials which says What is Azure etc. You should know these basics if you are thinking to pursue a career in this field.

2. Buy (Book /eBook) 70-533 Exam Ref. book (Second Edition) as of today 24th April 2018. Use this as a reference as and when you go through Scott’s videos. This book is approx. 500 pages and it took me nearly 4 weeks to finish (but then I have a demanding full time job and a family to look after too). 3-4 hours per day for 4 weeks should be good IMO.

3. MS Docs:
MS has to-the-point, module oriented guides such as AppService.
I did not do any pluralsight, though you may find them useful.

4. Online video tutorials: Such as YouTube videos from Victor Chin are also helpful to understand basics:

Study Techniques:

1. DO NOT rush, and I mean do not rush. Go through the online videos, reference check against the exam ref book until you are satisfied with the concepts.

2. MAKE SURE to do hands on labs (at least twice) for the specific module topics (remember its public cloud and very easy to get lost in so fuc on the modules). For ex – How to do B2C identity, How to do vNET to vNET connection, How to write az cli for specific tasks such as applying ssl to your custom domains, Backup Retention, Log-Analytics (OMS), AzureAD and so on.

Like I said make sure you complete the labs twice (for revision) after point 1. Its upto you if you want to first understand point 1 and then do point 2 or do both simultaneously.

3. Take Microsoft Practice Tests beforehand, so you are familiar and comfortable with the format (multiple choice, drag/drop, fill blanks, yes/no, and user cases with no option of going back to review).

Bullet points

1. Exam Modules
2. Practice Tests
3. MS Docs
4. Routine (courtesy Scott Duffy – adjust the weeks/days accordingly):

Disclaimer:The above procedure and techniques were solely followed by myself with no marketing for anyone. It is my personal experience what I am sharing with you all. This may or may not work for everyone.

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