Azure DevOps [W.I.P.]

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Azure DevOps [W.I.P.]

December 27, 2018 Azure 0

Azure DevOps is a service for managing your development life cycle end-to-end — from planning and project management, to code management, and continuing to build and release.

Compare Azure DevOps features available for your users:

  • Free Users | Azure Devops Users | Open Source Users
  • Free unlimited private Git Repos
  • send these videos for repos and cost model on Azure Devops

Azure DevOps Cost:

  • Azure DevOps costs depend on the number of users in your organization that require access, along with other factors like the number of concurrent build/releases required and number of test users. Pricing calculator:

Free minutes for MS hosted CI/CD pipeline:

  • once a month, you can have 1800 mins (30 hours) for your one MS Hosted piepleline.
  • You do not need a credit card to start with.
  • As soon as you hit the limit (need more minutes) OR need to run more than one build/pipleline, you have the option to upgrade your mins to umliited or buy more builds.

DevOps Project pipeline Demo by Abel:

Azure Repos

  • Azure repos are a set of version control tools which we can leverage to manage our codes.
  • Version control system (like git) are software which we can use to track changes in our code over time.
  • Whether you are a single developer deploying the code OR a team of devs working on a big project, Version Control System lets you take a snapshot point in time for future purposes, for ex – should you make changes in a code due to a bug etc, it lets you roll back to that stage.

So in a summary, I would say that It keeps a history of your development, so you can review and even roll back to that point in time with ease.

Azure Repos provide 2 types of Version Control tools:

  1. Git – used for distributed version control (your local copy of code is the complete version control repo- so you can work on your local copy and then later syn those changes back to the copy sitting on the server)
  2. Team Foundation Version Control – used for centralized version control.

Azure Repos, Pull Requests and Branch Policies:

Branch Policy and Pull Requests: So, we have learnt how easy Azure DevOps make it when it comes to amending/changing the contents of the master branch node. However I would strongly recommend to NOT use this and instead use the Branch Policy option of Azure Repo for a better version control system.

Azure DevOps – Ability to make direct changes to the repo at file level, preview and commit…
Branch Master Node
Ability to create and config Branch Policy for better Version Control System for your team

This page is work in progress and I will be updating and changing the contents as and when I come across new features or to deep dive into CICD pipeline.

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