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Azure Files

July 4, 2019 Azure 0

Azure File Storage:
its a distinct type of storage like other types including blob object storage in the cloud), disk storage for persistent to the vm’s, similarly file storage in the cloud (which is anative SMB file share). no vm/nothing to spin up. Secure to access (SMB verson 3 – fully encrypted) and also through REST API.

SMB shares so can be used on mac,win,linux all.
Sscalable cloud storage – not need for on prem storage.
Most recently/frequently accessed data – local cache is supported.
File share improvements since last year upto 100TB file shares.
10K IOPS – std and 100K IOPS with premium storage tier – in a single tier. – SSD
Its a native multi-tenant service so no need to have vm/os, not to worry about volumes or underlying storage, thinking about resiliency,
LRS- 3 local copy within LRS – SLA is 99.11 – 9’s %
ZRS – 3 zones with 3 copies of data each – asynchronous so good for power outages etc – – SLA is 99. 12 – 9’s%
GRS – availability zone in one region and paired region with asynchronous replication – again 3 copies of data each – 99. 16 –  9’s%


Hybrid model is achieved with Azure File Sync:
Get the best of both world
storage hungry app/data services – growing every 6 months and very storage hungry.
extend the cold tier to cloud and keep the hot tier on prem if required and suited to your customer requirements.
Cloud Storage and onprem data – so no need to waste local storage.
Cache in multiple location for fast, local performance at the same time utilize cloud based backup and fast DR (built-in) – so for ex have your HQ location and other branch location sync to the file share in the cloud from on prem.

Install file sync agent on the file share server (on wind server 2012R2+)
Have cloud tiering – file frequently access – kept locally and cold files tiered to cloud.
have more branches of a company connect to the same file share via file sync – again built in backup and fast DR.
– rapid file server DR – even if you loose all the cache – all you loose is the server image but the data is still in the cloud so you can still create it – because no need to move file content.

– take away the pain of local backup – azure file sync you are synchronising with azure share so have the centralized place. eliminating the need for multiple local copies/backups.

Timestamps and metadata is compared as soon as a file is closed and is detected by USN journal for any changes in the file.


Azure NetApp Files:
Rich, Hybrid cloud, enterprise data services -powered by NetApp and is a native app within Azure.

Current scenario lacks and requires:
– file protocol and version support
– advance data management
– security
– consistent user experience across onprem and cloud environment

MS has teamed up with NetApp to take away those pains.
Its a native file based application.
Integrated data protection (save from expensive 3rd party solutions)
Data is the new oil for security as we know…ANF is the truly hybrid solution making it efficient solution – 0 learning curve – reduced managed overhead / on prem. Create in portal – capacity pool 4TB and then volumes inside the pool

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