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Azure Files

Azure File Storage: its a distinct type of storage like other types including blob object storage in the cloud), disk storage for persistent to the vm’s, similarly file storage in the cloud (which is anative SMB file share). no vm/nothing to spin up. Secure to access (SMB verson 3 – fully encrypted) and also through…
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July 4, 2019 0

Azure DevOps [W.I.P.]

Compare Azure DevOps features available for your users: Free Users | Azure Devops Users | Open Source Users Free unlimited private Git Repos send these videos for repos and cost model on Azure Devops Azure DevOps Cost: Azure DevOps costs depend on the number of users in your organization that require access, along with…
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December 27, 2018 0

Azure Certification Path

Lately a lot of you have asked me about the azure certification path and whats in the pipeline with some major proposed amendments. I thought it may be a good idea to create a list of high level topics one need to cover in order to qualify for the Azure Certifications. Please be aware this is a…
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September 17, 2018 0

O365 Migrations to CSP

Since the dawn of planet of apes…..errr apologies Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program as an avenue to create, configure, manage and support MS Cloud Customers, be it CRM Online, Office365 and/or Azure. This facilitates CSP Partners to control billing and 1st level support for these services. This add managed azure value to the profile for any…
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June 20, 2018 0

onprem-2-Azure Migration

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) facilitates vital features such as business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy by keeping applications up and running during planned and unplanned outages and maintenances. Azure ASR manages and orchestrates disaster recovery of on-premises machines and Azure virtual machines (VMs), including replication, failover, and recovery. This guide runs through how to…
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May 23, 2018 0